Tonya Riggs is a gifted and highly skilled baby photographer based in Clovis, CA. She specializes in capturing timeless portraits of babies and toddlers. Through her artistry she creates the most beautiful heirlooms for families to enjoy for years to come. 

I had always admired Tonya’s work from afar and through social media, but when I actually got to meet her, she was such a gem! You know those people that you just instantly vibe with? Well Tonya and I definitely hit it off! Plus as a business owner herself, she’s so supportive of other small and local businesses. 

Tonya has a signature style and everything she does is just SO BEAUTIFUL. I quickly learned that we both share a love for details! All the little details are her thing and mine as well. She absolutely values her client relationships and over the years has provided gifts to her clients. But she also realized how much of a task gifting is and how time consuming it can be. From sourcing the items, the packaging and the amount of time it takes to put gifts together. So earlier this year, she decided to outsource the gifting portion of her business to The Gift Veil. The goal was to not only create something beautiful and on brand, but to also give her the gift of time back in her busy schedule so she can focus on doing what she does best.

We worked together to create client welcome gifts for her Baby Plan Membership. She also had a custom candle made for her by a local candle maker and wanted to include it within her gifts. Tonya not only wanted to gift a little something for baby, but for mom too. So with this in mind, I set out to create a mom and baby gift that represented her brand and client experience.



What’s included:

  • Baby Balm
  • Bunny Rattle/Teether
  • Travel-Sized Lavender Lotion
  • Custom Candle (client provided)


  • All packaged into a white two-piece gift box with ivory satin ribbon + sprigs of dried lavender 



I kept within a neutral color palette; and kept the gift contents gender-neutral as well. I absolutely loved creating these gifts for Tonya and really tried to capture the essence of her brand. 

Tonya goes above and beyond for her clients and provides an exceptional client experience. The care and detail she brings to her artistry is on another level. Part of her boutique portrait service also includes studio consultations, a gorgeous client wardrobe and she designs the most stunning albums.

You can view her timeless and beautiful work here


Testimonial: “These are filled with exquisite details. You channeled TONYA and my brand so well. I can’t thank you enough!” - Tonya Riggs, Owner, Designs by Tonya Photography