Fulfillment & Packaging Services

We believe gifting is an art. Gifts help tell a story and packaging plays a huge part in that story. Through packaging, paper, color, design and ALL the details, we can help tell your story. 

Do you have your own gift or products, but need help in putting it all together or want to make the packaging feel more special? Are you looking for corporate gift wrapping services?

No problem, The Gift Veil can help!

Whether you’re looking for packaging for wedding or party favors, gift wrapping services or maybe you already have your own products picked out, but don’t know where to start with the packaging - we can work together to explore design options for your project. Let us bring your vision to life for your event, your brand and for those important relationships that mean the most to you.

A Mother’s Day gift box with butterfly packaging featuring pink floral paper, gold ribbon and gold butterflies 


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