My design journey started long before I started my gifting business. I’ve always gravitated towards some form of design; even as a kid I loved art and creating. I hold a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising and I’ve taken classes in Interior Design and Costume Design as well.

Here I’m throwing it way back to my college days and my first real design assignment - designing masks from scratch for a live theater production.

This was me working in the costume shop on campus. At one point, I thought I might want a career in costume design because I not only love design, but I absolutely love theater too. 


I had been asked by my professor to design masks for a play she was directing. My professor had really liked my work on a project for class so she approached me and was giving me this design opportunity to explore. She was one of my favorite professors. She always gave great guidance, but for this show she was really letting me take the lead on how I wanted to design.

This was really my first time sitting in meetings, collaborating, researching, testing, sourcing and ultimately designing for others. It was a challenge, but one I was up for. In the end, the show was a success and all the actors were great to work with and gave really great performances and commitment to their characters.

After the production ended, I was encouraged to enter my designs into a design competition. So I did. I was competing with other students from different colleges. At the competition, I had to set-up and display my work and give a presentation as well. But when it was all said and done, I WON out of my category! - beating out many other talented college students from all over. But more importantly, this entire design experience taught me so much and I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity.

All this to say, is that what you’re naturally drawn to is not by accident. Whatever it is that brings you joy, focus on that and foster it. Continue to learn, practice and evolve. And if you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t have a passion” or “I have no idea what I’m passionate about” that’s okay too. People often say, “Follow your Passion” and sometimes society makes you feel like you have to have one, but you really don’t. Sometimes interests can develop into a passion or a calling. So the advice I would offer up, is to do a bit of discovery. Experiment with things that interest you. How do you enjoy spending your time? Then go out and explore those things that you enjoy. It can lead to many opportunities, some new skills and you might even find something you become passionate about. And if you don’t, well you’ve at least learned something new that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

For me, I didn’t just randomly decide I wanted to design gifts. Design has always been a part of me. It evolved into a passion and I’ve been cultivating that passion for a long time; which ultimately lead me to creating The Gift Veil. Everything about color, texture, textiles, paper, the products themselves and ALL the packaging details is what engages my senses and leads me to a path of creation.

I don’t just design gifts. I design a feeling, a connection. I design stories.

And I’d love for The Gift Veil to be a part of yours. 


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