The one thing I hear most often is how time consuming gifting is. How overwhelming it is and how it can become quite a stressful process. Clients often say that gifting takes up way too much of their time, or they find themselves running around town purchasing different items or it’s just one of those things on their to-do-list that they procrastinate on. When they’ve decided to reach out to The Gift Veil, it is because they are looking to SAVE TIME. They find they do not have the extra time to devote to gifts and they just want it taken care of for them. Of course there are other reasons why they choose to outsource their gifts, but saving time is most often the biggest reason for doing so.

Many people don’t realize how time intensive and tedious a task it is to put well thought out and beautiful gifts together. They see the end result, but don’t really understand all the steps it takes to get there. Custom gifting can take weeks and months to plan and execute.

From figuring out a theme or design concept, to sourcing products, deciding what type of packaging to choose (e.g. gift bags, gift boxes, totes, baskets, etc) plus all the other packaging materials you might need such as crinkle paper, ribbon, gift tags and not to mention dealing with shipping issues or delays and quality or breakage issues with products. As well as the laborious task of assembling everything and shipping or delivering to the recipients.

The Solution: Outsourcing your gifting will save you valuable time and money.

As a full service gifting studio, we can manage your gifts and provide the attention to detail that is required of such an important investment.

So whether you have been the one tasked with finding and putting gifts together for your company, or you’re a small business owner that wants to get your precious time back to do what you do best or you’re a bride who needs the task of wedding welcome gifts or bridal party gifts taken off your plate - The Gift Veil can help!


If you’re ready to outsource your gifts, let’s chat!

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